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Local Meat and Poultry

  • Easter Rising

      5736 East State Route 62
      Friendship, Indiana 47021

     We are a small family farm that grows wholesome food

     around which your family and friends can be together.

     We farm sustainably with organic methods. We have broiler-            chicken, turkey, pork, and beef, all raised entirely on the pasture     "salad bar", and never fed antibiotics or hormones. Please call or      email for more information,nor schedule a visit to our farm to            see how we raise your food!

  • Dave and Deb Hartman

      33113 Lamping Rd.
      Batesville, IN 47006
      Free-range Chickens; Call to order.

  • Beneker Family Farms

      9137 St. Peters Rd.
      Brookville, IN 47012


      Great tasting dry-aged beef. Cut your steak with a fork and 

      make roasts that fall off the bone.

  • Kestler Farms

      565 State Road 229 South
      Batesville, IN 47006


      Natural, no antibiotics and no added hormones;

      Call to order.

  • Jaeger Family Farms

       4127 St. Rd. 101​

       Liberty, IN  47353

       call 513-312-5128 for availability

  • Langeland Farms

      Patty Lange Fischer and Family
      3806 S. County Rd. 550 E.
      Greensburg, IN 47240
      Natural, hormone and antibiotic free Angus Beef
      Our reputation is high quality beef raised on certified organic         pasture. Also offering "Beef Bundles"  Ready to take home           freezer beef packages (all sizes) that fit your busy life style.

      Fun Fact:  Our beef was featured in the Homegrown Chili at           the 2012 Super Bowl! All products available through

      Batesville Farmers' Market and direct from our farm.

  • Martin's Fine Beef

      7655 State Rd. 48
      Aurora, IN 47001
      Grain-fed steers raised without chemicals;

      quarters and sides available spring and fall


  • Small Acres Farm

      23006 Kammeyer Rd
      Sunman, IN  47041

  • Voegeli's Natural Beef

      3703 North CR 150 East
      Milan, IN 47031

      Grass-fed beef raised without growth hormones or antibiotics.       Call to order.


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