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Food grown locally is fresher, more nutritious and tastes better.

Eating whole fresh food is good for you. Most produce travels between 1500-2500 miles before it lands on your plate - imagine how many nutrients are lost in the process. Plus, local vegetables and fruit are bred for flavor and not for their ability to hold up in transit; hence, you have more variety and better taste.


Buying local food is better for the community.

When you purchase local food you are keeping your dollars circulating in your community. You are also maintaining green space and rural character by sustaining family farms. 

Buying local food is better for the earth.

Small and mid-size farms generally use sustainable agricultural practices safeguarding the quality of our water and soil. Also, consider how much fuel it takes to truck ingredients from California to Indiana for one night's dinner as well as the pollution emitted in the process. 

Buying local food supports farmers in your community.

It has become increasingly difficult for small farmers to compete with the large corporate farms. When you buy locally, you are providing small farmers with a stable market and a fair price for their products. This enables them to stay on their land while being good stewards of the Earth. 

Finding and supporting local sources for food provides security.

Buying from and supporting local food sources provides personal security in having access to food you can trust, and security for your community in helping it become more sustainable in the difficult times ahead, when for economic and logistical reasons, food will become increasingly less available to us all. 

It is much more interesting to eat food that has a story! 

Buying local food connects you with the farmer who grew your food. Learn the stories of your food and make a new friend, too.

For additional information on why you should buy local food, check out our Resources page.

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