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A Local Food Initiative

      The Food & Growers Association in Southeastern Indiana was formed to respond to the need of farmers, parents and health professionals who see the connections between community health improvement, sustainable agriculture and a viable local economy in Southeastern Indiana. FGA is an initiative to build a sustainable local market for foods produced in and around Southeastern Indiana via education and networking. FGA is promoting a local food system to enable area farmers to market their products to individual consumers and institutional buyers including schools, hospitals, and restaurants.


 FGA will benefit our community by:

  • offering farmers a stable and profitable market for their products

  • providing consumers with healthy, tasty, and nutritious food

  • educating the public about their food choices, farming, and local rural life

  • keeping more of the money spent for annual food purchases within our counties

  • supporting local businesses

  • maintaining green space and rural character by sustaining family farms

  • promoting sustainable agriculture by encouraging growers to use biological friendly/organic methods

FGA will facilitate the purchase of local foods by:

  • bringing together interested farmers, consumers, institutional buyers, and agricultural experts

  • promoting local farmer's markets

  • assisting farmers in tailoring their products to meet local market demand

  • preparing educational materials and public programs to raise consumer interest

  • seeking grants to enhance a fresh food supply and demand

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