The Food & Growers Association

The Food & Growers Association is an initiative to build a sustainable local market for foods produced in and around Southeastern Indiana. FGA is promoting a local food system to enable area farmers to market their products to individual consumers and institutional buyers including schools, hospitals, and restaurants.

Announcing Hoosier Harvest Market Southeast!

In partnership with Hoosier Harvest Market, FGA has opened Hoosier Harvest Market Southeast, an exciting new way for you to order local food and products online from your local farmer.  Ordering is open NOW.  To learn more about this opportunity, please CLICK HERE.  To get started ordering, open an account by CLICKING HERE.  We are excited to offer another way to get fresh local food and products to the southeast Indiana region.

Looking for other local food products? Please check our website here:  https://www.foodandgrowers.com/producers  OR hover over the EAT LOCAL tab for more information.